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Hey, It's Posy here! Imade this blog to post all the things that make me happy in life. All my passions. Enjoy.

What makes the desert so lovely to see? There is a reason, lovely to tell.Because the desert is hiding a well. - The Little Prince (1974)

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the only ship i need is a scholarship can i get a hallelujah

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it’s a metaphor, you see; you put the textbook in front of you, but you don’t give it the power to actually teach you anything

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“Grasp hold of your loneliness.
For solitude is where you will find the greatest company.”

—   Together whilst alone Joe Pound (via joepoundpoetry)


Ultimate Writing Resource List

a massively extended version of ruthlesscalculus’ post

General Tips

Character Development

Female Characters

Male Characters

Tips for Specific Characters


Point of View

Plot, Conflict, Structure and Outline

Setting & Worldbuilding

Creativity Boosters* denotes prompts

Revision & Grammar

Tools & Software

Specific Help

I made a very small noise to express a very large amount of happiness.

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“My child, the troubles and temptations of your life are beginning, and may be many; but you can overcome and outlive them all if you learn to feel the strength and tenderness of your Heavenly Father as you do that of your earthly one. The more you love and trust Him, the nearer you will feel to Him, and the less you will depend on human power and wisdom. His love and care never tire or change, can never be taken from you, but may become the source of lifelong peace, happiness, and strength. Believe this heartily, and go to God with all your little cares, and hopes, and sins, and sorrows, as freely and confidingly as you come to your mother.”

—   Louisa May Alcott (Little Women)

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